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First of all, thanks for visiting our site. I, Hash welcomes you to my website which is dedicated for laptops, computers, computer and laptop accessories and anything related to computers.

Choose a New Laptop reflects my passion towards laptops and computers. I like laptops and wanted to look inside the specifications of the newly released laptops. I mostly review laptops released at Amazon.com. And the most important point to note is that I only write technical reviews (for now).

I don't review physical products cause they are far from my reach and I can't buy any of them to review. The reviews on this site are purely on my computer research and computer knowledge. These are my opinions which think about the product. And for product links they are Amazon Affiliate links. For more info, please read Affiliate Disclaimer.

I respect your views on my writings and love to get a feedback from you. Shoot an email to hash@chooseanewlaptop.com to get in touch with me.

Thanks once again for visiting and take care!